Generate your own “research wordle”

Wordle is an online app for generating “word clouds”, a kind of visual representation for text data. It gives greater prominence to words (e.g., by  using larger font size or different font color) that appear more frequently in the provided text source or in the text of a given URL. SciVerse has a new app called “Author Wordle” that creates a wordle word cloud based on the titles of the last 100 publications of any author that can be found in Scopus.

To create your own wordle, you can visit SciVerse Hub homepage, look for the Author Wordle application (located in the lower right corner of the page), and click the Create Wordle button. You can then enter your name and click the search button. It will give you a list of authors and their corresponding affiliation. Click your name from the list and the app will automatically generate your own research wordle. You can customize the font, layout, color scheme, and even remove some of the irrelevant words in the resulting wordle image. You can also use the generated images however you like, such as print them out, use them in t-shirts, share with friends, or place them in your website as a visual summary of your research.

Have fun!  Here’s what mine looks like.

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